Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Items for Sale by Fred's Creative Woodworking


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Longarm Quilt Clamps

Longarm Magnet Bar

The Longarm Magnet Bar has several VERY powerful magnets incorporated into it in a beautiful Walnut holder. It is used to hold tension on a quilt top over the bar in order to assure even tension on the top. It can be used with or without the Longarm Side Clamp system.

It allows one to quickly tighten a top and hold that tension easily. These are much more powerful than other options out on the market. Since they are wood, they will not mark or tear the quilt top.

Sold in sets of 2. The bars are approximately 17” long and a bit over 1” wide.

CAUTION: The unit uses magnets for holding power. I can't make them without magnets. Consequently, if you have a pacemaker, please don't use these as it may adversely affect the pacemaker.

Price for set of 2 - $35