Monday, July 15th, 2024

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In the past I had a number of quilters tell me that if I had some way to keep the pins in a Heads-Up Magnetic Pin Well out of sight of their cat, they would love to have one! I now have a cover for the Heads-Up Magnetic Pin Wells that will keep the enclosed pins "out of sight- out of mind" for cats.  The Kitty Kover is a handsome wood cover that fits neatly over the Heads-Up Magnetic Pin Well.

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If you are purchasing a Kitty Kover for a Heads-Up Magnetic Pin Well that you purchased from me in the past, contact me to verify that the Kitty Kover will fit your pin well.

The Kitty Kover is available in Pennsylvania Black Cherry or Red Oak, your choice.

The Kitty Kover sells for $20 each. If purchased with a Heads-Up Magnetic Pin Well, the Kitty Kover and Heads-Up Magnetic Pin Well combination are $37.



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Kitty Kover

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Magnetic Pin Well With Kitty Kover

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