Monday, July 15th, 2024

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Hiking Staff

Hiking Staff

I hand-make rugged beautiful custom Hiking Staffs for nature lovers. The staff is custom sized to meet your requirements. It can also be used as a camera monopod to enable you to get sharp photographs with a standard camera that has a ¼" 20 TPI female fitting. It disarticulates for ease of storage and transport. When you order one of these, I'll contact you and tell you how to custom-fit the staff.

Features of the staff include the following.

  • The tip is brass with a stainless steel point that can be replaced with a rubber tip (both are included with the staff). The stainless steel point is great for walking on rough terrain while the rubber tip is exceptional on smooth pavement and floors.
  • The screw-together join on the two staff pieces is brass.
  • The staff itself is exceptionally sturdy and turned on a lathe. It varies from approximately 1" to ¾" in diameter. The length depends on your request.
  • The head is attached with a ¼" 20 TPI screw. You can remove the head and screw on a camera so it is used as a camera monopod to enable you to take steady shots with the camera.
  • The comfortable head is mushroom-shaped to fit your hand.
  • All of the wood is finished with Spar Varnish to assure that it is waterproof.
  • The custom-turned staff itself is White Ash while the head is Black Walnut.
  • A leather strap is attached to the top of the staff to enable you to easily grip the staff.
  • I custom-make these to fit your request. If you order one I’ll tell you how to tell me the length that you will need.

Price: $150